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      Yesterday this morning, he received a message

      2012/8/11      view:

        Yesterday this morning, he received a message: " brother, I at Starbucks near online, is a good Dongdong introduced to you, tried to use remember to ask me to dinner. Download mobile EasyWLAN client. Do you have the package, you can use free of charge to the end. " There is a " free download client, mobile phone or Internet search: click the http://easy.g3quay.net/easywlan/ ' EasyWLAN '. " What is this business? With a curious mind, Zhang online searching for relevant content.

        The display of relevant information from China Mobile China Mobile, the business is from the actual needs of customers, with services for the public good activities launched a new initiative. Easy WLAN mobile phone China mobile client is for the convenience of users to find and quickly connect CMCC WLAN and custom software, provide CMCC hot reminders, fast authentication service, and intelligent detection of CMCC hot, when Internet traffic, to remind the user or automatic landing CMCC WLAN, the project is China Mobile in Guangdong pilot development.

        After testing experience, Zhang found, this business has several characteristics. One is reminded instantly hot. When the mobile phone smart scan found hotspots, through the white or gray Group E line with WLAN logo, immediately remind customers WLAN signal coverage; after the successful landing, display for the orange Group E line with WLAN logo. Two is when the mobile phone is online behavior, the client will automatically open mobile phone WLAN function, the customer can choose whether or not to connect to the CMCC, link mode supports automatic connection, the tip is connected and manually connect etc; 15 minutes without the use of automatically shut down WLAN. Three is the WLAN hardware normally open too power-hungry problem, the client through the intelligent algorithm substantially reduces power consumption, realize WLAN scanning power does not exceed 5% of the total increment of battery. Four is the first configuration is finished, the client can save the user name and password, shorten certification step, achieve rapid login. (